Falling For Fall

I don't know about you guys but I Love Fall. I love the colors of the changing leaves and the excuse to drink warm drinks all day! Shh! don't tell but I'm not really one of those pumpkin spice fanatics.... I'm just not.. Sorry... I am however that crazy lady who wants to decorate for every single holiday! OK lets be real for a minute. Not just holidays but season changes too. Yes. I have color coded bins in my garage for each season/holiday. However it has taken me years and my style has changed a bit over that time. I love me some farmhouse, shabby chic, rustic beauty. My struggle is incorporating the COLOR that my fiance loves to all of the seasons/ holidays. But that's not why I'm here. I am here to show you a few of my favorite and simple crafts to bring your home into the Fall season! Are you ready? Are you as excited as I am? No? Yes? I hope so!

1. Let's start with your table. I usually keep some neutral farmhouse painted jars in the center of my table with pretty neutral summer flowers. Yes fake and I'll tell you why. Well that's easy! Because they don't die! If you search out the coupons and sales at Jo Ann's or Michael's you can get them fairly cheap or the Dollar store has small things of beautiful flowers for any season. Anyways I also have the same blue and tan place mats with matching cloth napkins. When the Fall Comes and I can switch it around its on!

I swap out my neutral colored jars for some leaf shaped candle holders with an orange candle and some mini pine cones! My give thanks place mats from Walmart and my matching napkins from World Market. Just keeping it simple.

2. How does your house smell? I am always burning candles and turning on my wax pelting pot (it helps with the dogs). I keep summer smells like lemon and watermelon and stuff like that. In the fall though I want that more cozy smell. I use a Candy corn melting put and

3.That living room. We have a credenza under our television that we keep decorated as well. I always want the seasons flowing through all the rooms. So for us I add some smaller fall jars and some smaller things of flowers. I also have a seasonal blanket.. or two... to put on the couches. I am that person who is constantly freezing and there is nothing I love more than snuggling up in a super soft blanket while we watch movies as a family. Super easy ways and pretty cheap at Ross too.

4. How about that Kitchen? I think that the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to redecorate for every season. I do try though! one of the easiest things for the kitchen is towels and pot holders! I know. crazy easy. I don't know about you but I have almost NO wall to decorate in my kitchen. So running to Ross or the Dollar store or ANY STORE really depending on your style and budget you can do a quick season change in your kitchen by trading your every day towels for some fall printed ones and hanging them on the appliances (stove dishwasher, fridge, even a cabinet.) This brings those fall colors into the space making feel like fall as well as look like it.

5. Do you decorate your porch. I mean ever? Is it the one with all the flowers and color and the wind chimes that play that little tune at any breeze, or does your front look like your house is abandoned and should be avoided. i know two very extreme examples. I have always wanted that farmhouse porch with the swing and so many beautiful plants and flowers everywhere that it just screams summer.... Well that is very hard to get when you live in a cul-de-sac in a cookie cutter neighborhood. But I'm working on it! So far a cute little burlap fall wreath takes stage on the empty wall nest to the door.

Some think that this is excessive. LOL I however love it! I enjoy decorating and I love making my home feel cozy and special for my family, If you don't decorate like this THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT This is just what I do. and I enjoy it. So You do what makes you happy and if you were looking for a little inspiration I hope this helps!



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