An Introduction to Our Hometown

This month I wanted to reach out to the summer vibes of traveling and summer vacations. Some of you may or may not know where we are located or that we are a store. So here is a brief introduction to us and then I will tell you guys all about the amazing vacation destination that we call home.

We are Urban Homestead Boutique! We are all types of refurbished, and shabby chic, with a touch of fancy pants, and a bit of sass thrown in! We love to find old dilapidated items that have been used and loved at one point. We bring them in give them a little or a lot of TLC and then send them home with a new and loving family! We also love to explore all the different areas of our imaginations and creativity! We have an amazing group of girls that love to explore and create all kinds of things! We are definitely the place to go if you have an idea of what you want but can not seem to find exactly it! Come on in and we can MAKE it JUST FOR YOU!!

Enough about us! Lets talk about how amazing our little mountain town is! Though I'm sure we are mostly known for being the hometown of the NAU Lumberjacks, we are so much more!

Here are just a few of the fun things we have here in Flagstaff. If you are a visitor I would defiantly recommend checking out some of these beautiful places. Also please stop by and say HI to us girls here at the store! We love chit chatting with our customers and finding out where your from!

First we have Lowell Observatory! This place is out of this world! ( I know bad joke).The Lowell Observatory was founded in 1894. There are several different tour options dependent on the times and days you would like to be there. Ticket prices run anywhere from $30.00- $500.00 depending on what it is you want to do. Visit for more information and details. This is an awesome place for the kiddos, as a family, or for the grown up nerds like me!

Image from google

Then we have some amazing history at the Riorden Mansion! The historic Riorden Mansion was dedicated in 1983. Tickets run from Free to $10.00 dependent on age! There are Day use areas available for events and leisure. Picnic areas are absolutely beautiful to relax in the afternoon. Their museums and exhibits are open for exploration . The amazing history of this place is so worth the visit. You can find more info online at

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Of course for History we can not forget the Northern Arizona Museum! Which was founded in 1928 and is dedicated to preserving the history of Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau. There are workshops to take part in from "Poetry in the Plateau" to "Navajo weaving workshop", to "Story telling ." These tickets run anywhere from $15.00 - $325.00. They have day trips you can partake in such as camping and hiking trips, rafting and many more! These tickets run anywhere from $75.00 to $3900.00. They also have amazing kids programs, such as camps ans STEM every 2nd Sat. of the month. The camps run $165.00-$200.00 depending on dates, times, and age groups. From what I saw it does look like the STEM events are FREE though. You can see all of this and more at

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To wrap up your days here exploring and seeing new things, walking around our Historic Downtown Flagstaff is a must! It is a wonderful p[lace for music, shopping, eating, and if you're so inclined drinking!

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There are so many things here in Flagstaff that I didn't go over but hey it's an excuse to come back if you didn't fit them all in!

See you soon and I hope you all have and Amazing Summer Vacation!

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