Easy Wood Crafts To Do in a Weekend

With the weather still being cold outside it is so hard to get outside and work on all the crafts I have in my mind. I thought this month I would show you a few ideas of little crafts that you could do either in your garage or in the house (as long as there are no complaints by others).

Lets start with a simple sign. For cheap you can get scraps from your Local Home Depot. You can also have them cut it to the length you desire or take it home and cut it yourself. Sand it and/or stain it to match your preferences. You can purchase twine for hanging at your local Dollar Tree. As far as the writing on it, guess what. You can do whatever you want! Go on your computer pick the font you want and type out what you want it to say. Make sure you have an accurate font size. Print it out, then lay it upside down. Trace the words from the backside of the paper and color it in with a sharpie. You can then take the paper and lay it on your wood right side up. Using a damp paper towel you want to pres it down to the wood with dabbing motions. Be sure not to move the paper. Once you are done there should be a bit of transfer from the sharpie to the wood. You can then trace it in whatever color paint you choose. Using the twine secure it however you want. I do suggest using a staple if at all possible.

Then happy hanging.

Photo taken here at Urban Homestead

How about a little holiday decor. I don't know about you guys but I love to decorate for each and every holiday. Here is a pretty simple craft you can do and make it different each season or holiday. Once again I would visit your local Home Depot and dig through their scrap pile. You will want to cut it to size and sand it down to get rid of any imperfections. I would purchase or create a stencil to make things easier on yourself. After sanding paint your wood whatever color suits your chosen decor. I would paint one layer and then sand it down. Then use another layer. Place your stencil on the wood and trace it with a pencil. With a smaller paint brush I would carefully paint each image as desired. Once it has dried if you need a second cote to create the desired look add it you might also want to add an image outline. After all the paint is dried I would do a very fine light sanding on the edges of the block to create that worn look. Then place in your home anywhere you choose.

Photo taken here at Urban Homestead

These beautiful signs will take a bit more time and effort than before but they are beautiful. You will start with your desired piece of wood and pick three colors to make your sign unique. You should be able to find the needed wood and paint at Home Depot. Your main image may not be found in the scraps however you should be able to find the wood needed for the frame in the scraps. I would suggest two lighter colors and one darker corresponding one. You will need to get a stencil of whatever image you want, unless you want to try and free hand it. Sanding it just a bit to create a good texture for the paint to stick to. You will want to paint the wood with your main color. After it has dried you will want to sand it lightly, then use your second color to paint on top of it. so that it is layered. For the next layer once the paint is dried and sanded, place the stencil on the wood. careful not to move the stencil you will want to use your third and final color to paint your image. Once everything is dried you will want to sand it till it has reached your desired distressed level. I do suggest using a wax finish over the product to preserve the paint and give it a nice finish. While working on the main part you can cut your frame accordingly and stain it to the desired color. Once all of the painting and stain are finished you will need to attache the frame with a staple gun to the wooden piece. attach a hanger to the back and hang in your house wherever you desire.

Photo taken here at Urban Homestead

These wooden candle holders are amazing for any season and absolutely call to the mountain feel of Flagstaff. These may be a bit harder to come by the supplies than the others however if you do have them then it shouldn't be to complicated to complete. I don't know about the trees in other areas but here they are everywhere. For instance We have over 15 pine trees in my back yard, so when we trim our trees I have a ton of wood and branches everywhere. I would suggest cutting the branches down into pieces that you will want to work with. They will need to dry out. I would suggest leaving the cut pieces in the garage if possible for a while so that they can dry out properly. Once your wood has dried and you are ready to tackle this little project you will need to have a dremel tool to make things easier on yourself. All you will need to do is make sure that the wood pieces are level so that they do not rock or fall over especially once you put a candle in it. Using the dremel tool you will want to drill out a spot in the center of the tops to place your candles in. Pictured here there is a chain connecting the pieces. You can attach chains or anything you choose to match the look you are going for or you can leave them to stand free.

Photo taken here at Urban Homestead

All of these crafts can be made by any individual if you are willing to take the time and make the effort. If you are not a creator some of them may not be as easy as they sound or as easy as the others. These images above are all in our store and many of them were handmade by the owner and staff of Urban Homestead Boutique. This is what we do if you love some of the items but do not have time or know where to start you are more than welcome to have us do it for you. But i know that if you try you will be proud of whatever you can make.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it and that when you see certain things you will contemplate creating your vision for your home.


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