What A Mirror Can Add To Your Space

I don't know about you but I definitely have a love / hate relationship with mirrors in my house. I have huge mirrors that I have somehow inherited. Now, I don't necessarily love the shape or color of them, however they are there for a reason. As far as the look of them that is something that I can change and I will go step by step in another post to show you guys the process of doing such a thing. Let's talk about what a Mirror can do for your space.


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When dealing with a small space, it can be extra difficult when decorating. One of the easiest things to help your space, is to add a larger mirror. This will help the room feel and appear larger. You will want to make sure that it is the appropriate style and size. You will also want to ensure that it is hanging in the right area. For instance, hanging it on the back wall will make the area larger, however placing it on a front or side wall will do less for increasing the feeling of your space.


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Maybe you don't even need to maximize your space. Perhaps the space you are working with is just right for you. In that case you are the luckiest person out there decorating. This means you get to pick a mirror that meshes with your style and whatever whim you happen to have. Adding a mirror to your space that has an interesting shape or a frame that reaches out to you is key. The right mirror can work wonders in the right space. You do want to be careful about the size you choose. The last thing you want to do is shrink your space with something too small.


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There is nothing worse than a dark room. When you are trying to maximize your available lighting placing your mirror just so is a must. Sometimes using that mirror to direct what little outside lighting you may have to your room makes all the difference. A larger mirror will reflect even more light throughout your space bringing in the warmth and sunny feelings from outside.


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Using mirrors with colored frames can help add a pop pf color to your wall. You can use this wall as the recently popular "accent wall." Using mirrors of all different shapes and sizes helps add the character you want for your space. The pop of color will help break up the monotony of white everything. I know that our living situations do not always allow for the freedom to paint and do as we wish. Colored frames will help you to accomplish your love of color in your space without making permanent changes.


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The last one I have for you is to use mirrors to add a unique touch to your space. Having multiples is a nice way to accomplish this. Using mirrors that are similar in style, appearance, and size is a great way to display your unique style. It doesn't matter what space you are trying to dress up, this is a sure way to add a custom look that is all you.

Best wishes from your friends here at Urban Homestead !

Happy Decorating,


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