Upcycle Your Christmas Decorations to New Year's Decorations

Who likes to spend extra money for New Year's? Nobody. Here are 10 ways you can upcycle your Christmas decorations into New Year decorations!

1. Wrapping Paper to Table Cloths

Leftover gold and silver wrapping paper make for exceptional New Year's decorations. Just cut the paper to the size of your table and tape it down!

Photo: HGTV

2. Wrapping Paper to Streamers

Adhere your left over holiday paper onto cardstock, then cut it into circles and punch holes in them. Later, connect them to make glamorous streamers.

Photo: Martha Stewart

3. Ribbon to Streamers

Take the extra gold, silver, white, and/or black ribbon, cut them to the desired length and hang them for additional streamers.

Pro tip: Attach balloons for additional decorations.

Photo: Martha Stewart

4. Gift Tags to Place Cards and Napkin Holders

Grab your extra gift tags yo not only use as place cards, but also napkin holders.

Photo: HGTV

5. Tissue Paper/ Wrapping Paper to Serving Tray Liners

Don't have a festive new year's platter? No problem! Just use festive tissue paper or wrapping paper as serving try liners. Not only will it look elegant, but also very festive.

Photo: HGTV

6. Tissue Paper to Confetti

Cut tissue paper into small squares and sprinkle it around like confetti.

Photo: HGTV

7. Tissue Paper to Pom Poms

Fold tissue paper accordion style, then fold some wire over the center of the paper and cut the edges of the paper to the shape of your choice (usually rounded or pointy). finally, separate the different layers and hang them.

Photo: Martha Stewart

8. Christmas Lights to Light Up Your Address and Your Table

Take extra gift boxes and cut out your house number, then place battery operated Christmas lights inside the boxes and place outside. Lay Christmas lights down the length of your table for an added glow.

Photo: Martha Stewart

9. Tinsel to a Banner

Using cardstock, cut out the numbers for the New Year, then string the numbers together. Finally, glue tinsel onto the numbers for a New Year banner.

Photo: Martha Stewart

10. Ornaments as Table Decorations

Take ornaments and place them on the table for centerpieces or place settings.

Photo: HGTV

Happy New Year from your friends,

Urban Homestead Boutique

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