Your Guide to Halloween Home Decor

Fall is finally here! But before you start baking everything you can put pumpkin into and helping the kids carve theirs, it’s time to decorate. Not everyone is a born Martha Stewart but don’t think you can’t attain a beautiful festive home and don’t get distracted by those blow up lawn ornaments. Here’s a small guide of stylish Halloween aesthetics to help keep your home from looking like a cluttered mess.

  1. Rustic Harvest

Think warm, cozy colors such as gold, orange, and brown. This is a perfect time of year to put those mason jars to good use, along with any raw wood and metal accents.

Rustic Harvest is all about handcrafted details, which is hard to make time to do yourself. Don’t worry though we have your back on this:

2. Spooky Chic

You can’t go over the top with this one! To capture this aesthetic think campy and bold, tons of fun but never tacky. An easy diy to help get this look is to take a simple witches hat (nothing fancy, dollar stores carry them) and hang them from your ceiling just like this:

So easy! But if you’re looking to avoid creating any of your own decorations then we’ve got the cute accent pieces you need:

3. Day of the Dead

Finally the most classic decor for this time of year! Dia de los Muertos is all about celebrating lost loved ones with festivities and wild colors! Tons of sugar skulls, skeletons and flowers adorn their traditional Mexican altars. To achieve this look without having to create your own ceramic skulls just stop in and pick up our candles and wine glasses set:

Each of the products recommended here are available in store or on our online shop. We hope our guide to finding your right Halloween aesthetic was helpful. Now get to shopping and decorating, Halloween is right around the corner!

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