5 Ways to Add Farmhouse Character to Your Space

To me, nothing says home like walking into a cozy farmhouse. It’s my style and I know it’s so many of yours!

Whether you’re in an apartment, a brand new house, or a fixer-upper, here are 5 ways to create your farmhouse.

Create a healthy mix of new and old

“Farmhouse” does NOT have to mean antique. A lot of the pieces that I have in my house actually are new or upcycled and styled with antiques and one of a kind pieces that I just can’t live without. It’s about finding that balance between new and old.

Here, for example, take the white brick and the pop-of-color-table with the antique vase and wheatgrass (very country, almost too country for my taste). It's styled with modern art prints on the wall, making it feel less like grandma's house and more like the hip place we all want to live.

Use farmhouse doors anytime you can

I absolutely love sliding barn doors because of how unique they are and how much space they save! I actually have one in my dentist office in a skinny hallway because it was just going to be too cramped to have a door in there.

If you’re renting though, don’t worry if you can’t switch out your doors. Consider rotating it 90 degrees and hanging it as your headboard for your bed! Or, use it as a tabletop for an oversized desk.

Brighten up your dark furniture with paint, distressing and antiquing wax

So I always advocate for some good DIY to older pieces that need some good TLC. By using paint and wax, you can honestly change the entire feel of your room for less than $100. Simply sand down your current pieces, lightly coat with paint, go back over with a sander to let some of the natural wood show through, and then use antique wax to seal it up!

If you want to find different pieces, try searching on Craigslist, Goodwill, or the Facebook pages.

Not a DIY person? Don’t worry—we can do it for you. 😉

Spiff up your lighting

Don’t be afraid to let the light truly shine on your lamps! Get creative with chandeliers and pendant lights. With any space, drawing the eye up is important as it makes the space look a lot bigger. If you're struggling and feeling cramped in a small room, avoid the floor lamp and go with a chandelier or a cute wall sconce.

Or, if you're ballin' on a budget, even epicycle your current lamps with a new shade or spray paint the base to bring it back into your color palette. Don't be afraid of color here!

Make it cozy with a rug

Get wild with your rugs, honestly! No one remembers the simple tan run sitting in the living room, but they will remember the uniquely textured or patterned rug! Obviously, make sure it matches your space. Something like a faux cowhide rug is something that not a lot of people are used to seeing or feeling--making it the perfect conversational piece. Especially if you have more patterned furniture like this chair.

So, what are you going to create?! Let me know on Facebook and Instagram!

Your friend,


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